Bathroom & Bedroom Safety

Bath Lifts

Bath Chairs

Grab Bars

Floor Poles

Raised toilet seats


Bath Lift

Featuring Aquatec battery operated bath lifts. These reliable, German manufactured lifts are competitively priced and provide comfort and safety lowering into and rising out of the bathtub.


Bathroom Safety and Assists

We carry a selection of grab bars and can offer installation if you wish.

Other items include:

Tub rails – clamp on to outside edge of enameled steel tubs.

Bath seats – height adjustable and various shapes, with or without backs to accommodate almost every tub or shower enclosure

Bath transfer bench or board permits the bather to sit outside the tub and slide across into the tub area.

Raised toilet seats – removable or fixed risers come in a variety of heights.

Toilevator – a complete kit everything required installed under the base of your toilet to raise it 4”. Suitable for DIY or a plumber should take one hour to install.

Floor Pole – a popular solution – the pole uses a hidden jackscrew at the bottom of the pole. The screw “expands” the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole “rock solid” secure. Our price includes set-up in your home.

Bedroom Assists

Bed Rails can provide assistance in and out of bed, or ensure that someone at risk of falling out is secure. They come in a wide range of styles from a minimal style to hospital style rails.

Floor Poles installed beside a bed will provide a secure structure to assist in and out of bed.

Bed Ladder – attached to foot of bed – hand over hand to sitting up position.

Bed wedge, hip wedge, side bolster, positioning aids.


Mattress Overlays

Bedside Commodes and urinals